Update: Due to the monthly fee to keep this store up I am raising the cost of the scripts a bit.Sometimes being to nice costs yourself lol.So instead of taking the store down I am just going to raise the prices a little.Hope you understand.Until more people find this site and use it it's going to be a struggle but I'm determined.



 Fetishscripts is directed at video producers,phone sex operators and cam girls. It offers scripts on a huge variety of subjects and covers many fetishes such as Femdom, blackmail, smoking, hypnosis and much more. The aim of the site is to provide inspiration and ideas that can then be used to create videos or phone sex conversations.


They are not meant to be read word for word. Though they can be, but it's more beneficial to you to change them a bit and make it fit what your doing better.


Because they are meant to be READ and not posted in text I do not make sure they are perfect. They are not written perfectly, you will find errors.You may also experience an occasional name(my own-or even a clients) that I've forgotten to remove, though I do try to catch them.

As a side note scripts are anywhere between 400-1k words.There are some scripts that do not meet 400 words so I have made them a bit cheaper they are still great for ideas, and they still lasted me 5-10 minute video, typically it just means more action was required during the video than talking.

I guess it should also be added some scripts can be a bit taboo.I write what people ask me to write...don't judge meh. lol I have a vivid imagination and love putting it to use, this does't mean I agree or even believe in any of the things I write.

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